Bionic X4, long range gold detector

Bionic X4

Gold Detector with Android Smart Phone

The Bionic X4 gold detector has been developed especially for gold prospectors, treasure hunters and gold seekers, who are looking for gold at far distances. Unlike traditional gold long range detectors the Bionic X4 can be combined with an Android Smart Phone to visually locate gold artifacts.

The fully automated Bluetooth connection between the Smart Phone and the Bionic X4 gold detector transfers scan data directly to the Smart Phone where the data is mapped to the display. So the gold prospector is able to see the bearing, direction and image through the Smart Phone's camera and fix it for later analysis.

The Bionic X4 long range gold detector supports two different detection methods to locate hidden gold treasures:

Features and characteristics

In addition to both detection methods for gold hunting, the Bionic X4 is equipped with some additional features and functions including:

Using the included Android Smart Phone increases the Bionic X4 functionality and ease of use:

On-site gold hunting with Bionic X4

The Bionic X4 gold long range detector and all of our other Long Range detectors are especially used for a fast research and prospecting, to explore areas where hidden gold treasures may be buried. It can be used for a first quick examination of an unknown terrain to find places of interest and buried gold treasures, so it is advisable for gold prospectors and treasure hunters who don't have any clue where to start detecting. The gold prospector can easily and quickly get a general overview of large areas.

Bionic X4, Gold detection with Android Smart Phone Bionic X4, Gold detector calibration

The treasure hunter will use the Bionic X4 gold detector to scan the horizon and find a direction where a higher probability of gold objects could be buried. As soon as the gold direction has been determined, the permanent acoustical signal of the detector will change and the detected direction can be fixed within the display of the Android Smart Phone.

To find out the exact position of the gold you have to process a triangulation bearing (cross bearing) with the Bionic X4 gold detector. Therefor you have to scan from at least two or more different directions and check if the detector is always responding to gold. As soon as you confirm two or more positive signals, the point of intersection from all directions marks your potential place of gold.