Bionic Series

How to detect gold treasures

On this page is described how the long range gold detectors of the Bionic Series are used to detect and locate buried gold under the ground. As the term long range already implies, the Bionic detectors are designed to find gold objects in large distances. Therefor the operator of the device has to scan the horizon from several positions to find out the direction of the gold deposit.

OKM Bionic Series, Long Range Gold Detectors OKM Bionic Series, Long Range Gold Detectors

The pictures above are showing the scan procedure which has to be repeated on different positions. The gold prospector moves the Bionic detector slowly from one side to the other. Also he is raising and lowering the machine towards the horizon. In that way he makes sure that all directions to the horizon are scanned for any positive indication of gold occurrences. As soon as the direction has been estimated, it should be confirmed from another position.

OKM Bionic Series, Long Range Gold Detectors

Confirming a positive position is not only necessary to make sure the indicated direction is really a valid position of gold, it is furthermore important to find out the precise location of the detected gold treasure. This so called cross bearing simply means that you have to find the intersection of two or more positive directions. That crossing point is the place of your gold treasure.

OKM provides the following long range gold detectors which are based on the described detection principle to locate buried gold artifacts underground: